Air conditioning system service and repair
• Each technician is appropriately qualified to service and repair all aspects of mobile vehicle air conditioning systems irrespective of vehicle type
• OFN (oxygen free nitrogen) and {oxygen/helium5%] is used to leak test a/c systems where there are suspicions of refrigerant leaks
• Refrigerant is recycled where possible and a leaking system is never recharged until a repair is carried out
• Each time a system is recharged oil and dye is added to lubricate the compressor and aid the discovery of future leaks
• All equipment used to carry out repairs is conforming to the latest ISO standards for the maintainence and repair of refrigerant systems
• Quotations are supplied prior to repair or maintainence on all systems and customers are under no obligation to proceed with the work.

Air conditioning system parts
◦ OEM specification parts supplied with appropriate manufacturers warranty against premature failing due to defective workmanship
◦ Largest range of competitively priced air conditioning parts and tooling delivered to your door throughout Ireland
◦ Knowledgeable parts staff with previous trade experience
◦ Installation guidelines and good practices available where required
◦ Wrong part sent???-Money back guarantee, and that’s a promise