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Are you looking to get air-conditioning compressor oil for Vehicle air-conditioning systems? Buy Pag oils online in Ireland with Auto Air. In the air conditioning units where the refrigerant is used, Pag oils are an industrial grade substance. This oil helps from excessive wears by compressors. There are many types now with 1234YF, r134a and CO2 refrigerant systems now in Vehicles. You then have standard Vehicles, Hybrid Vehicles and Fully HV vehicles which will have different oils with the same viscosity.

There is Pag 46,68,100,150 ND8,12…,


Same viscosity but different oils PAG46, PAG46 +UV {ultraviolet dye},PG46 YF, POE 46 {HV}, PAG46{R7AA} CO2.

Danger “DO NOT” put normal oil in the HV system as it conducts electricity and you be lucky if its jut and expensive replacement.

Auto Air Italian supplier ELKE-AC Pag oils are highly engineered synthetic lubricants, designed especially for use in high quality worm gear units. They have extraordinarily mixing properties, high standard of wear protection, highly hydrophobic; give best possible lubrication effects, guarantees thermal stability and elevated load carrying power. Elke’s Pag oil’s makes it easier to run the machine more efficiently and decreases the energy usage of Vehicle air conditioning systems.We also supply Olis for the vacuum pumps when servicing you’re A/C recycle stations.

Our wide range of pag oils can be found online in our catalogue on our website. A constant supply of all products will always be assured, guaranteeing service ready and delivery continuity for the clients. We will send your order around the globe to any preferred location!

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