Air Conditioner Compressor

When Autoair get a call for an air conditioner compressor we always ask does it need to be flushed, WHY?? Think of your compressor as a gearbox and if it broke up you would wonder will the metal pieces left behind break up my next set of gears, Well the a/c system is the same if the filings don’t make it all the way back to the compressor, they might just block your expansion valve and then cause failure of compressor number 2 which will be impossible to get warranty as the system wasn’t flushed and drier and expansion valve not changed. This is always stated on a/c compressors supplied from Factory so make sure you check the oils levels on the new air conditioning compressor, Flush system with dry nitrogen and solvent, change drier and expansion valve, Vacuum for at least 30mins and recharge to have a good as new system for your customer with no recalls or downtime failure inside a short period of time.   There are various types of air conditioner compressors that are commonly used. We sell you a variety of air conditioner compressors from Sanden, Denso, Delphi, Zexel, Harrison, QUE, Unicla, and other components for all models and brands of A/C systems at Auto Air.

Shop from our store online our use our Partners database link to match a compressor that suits your AC System. Better and is consistent with the type of device you need based on different composition and working characteristics. The compressors featured on our website are identified as Oem match or a copy as this is reflected in the pricing. On many of the heavy plant systems it is recommended to fit the OEM standard were possible.

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