Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Auto Air – Vehicle Air Conditioning Specialists

All products sold are subject to 12-month guarantee (from date of sale) against seizure; leakage, corrosion and fitment providing the correct installation procedures have taken place (no consequential loss of any kind will be covered, vehicle recovery, travel expenses, mileage, labour etc.), condensers only are subject to 18 month limited


Where a warranty issue is present (see below compressor warranty for additional criteria required for compressor warranty) th e replacement part must be supplied by Auto Air Conditioning Ltd and will be invoiced accordingly. Should a replacement not be available from Auto Air Conditioning Ltd then we will do our utmost to source a suitable replacement, under no circumstances will we be liable to paying for a part not supplied/approved by us (replacement sourced without our prior knowledge from automotive dealership) we reserve the right to repair, replace or refund. Upon return of failed item (with a copy PRODUCT RETURNS FORM) credit will be arranged once inspection has been fully carried out and item agreed as warranted, should the item be deemed as not faulty (fault of installation /incorrect installation procedures/damage during installation) then the item will be returned with no credit and will remain payable to the prices on the replacement part invoice that refers. It may be necessary to return said item to original manufacturer where there decision is final and replacement part invoice rema ins payable. Warranty is from the original sale date for the original supplied item, the warranty is not extended when replacing failed unit with a replacement.

Compressors Installation procedure;

All compressors should be replaced once a full system flush has been undertaken followed with a replacement receiver drier/accumulator and expansion valve/orifice tube. At this time the system needs to be checked for evidence of why the original unit failed (fans working correctly, no blockages, system cycling at correct intervals, correct oil type/qty) in certain circumstances it may be necessary to change the condenser. Failure to do so will invalidate warranty.

Compressor warranty;

Compressors that have failed may be subject to further investigation by the manufacturer in which case it will be necessary for the original invoice stating exactly what has been changed and work carried out (to also include the mileage and current mileage when part was changed along with retur ns form) to be supplied, failure to do so will invalidate warranty from the manufacturer. Remanufactured compressors will also require the same information as above. All returned compressors must be returned with the original oil in place and capped; this is vital to ascertain why the unit has failed. These terms are addit ional criteria for compressors to which then the above warranty terms will also take affect.

Surcharge returns;

All compressors that are surcharged must be returned in original packaging and the fittings must be blanked to avoid oil spillage. Upon receipt the credit for the
surcharge will be raised. Invoices with surcharge invoiced along with part must be paid in full with no deduction. Surcharge uni ts should be returned using returns form.

General returns;

Any products no longer required that were supplied correctly will be subject to a small administration charge to cover collection costs. All items must be returned in
original packaging and must be packed to avoid return damage with the carriers, failure to do so will result in no credit bei ng raised. Items received by you damaged/incorrect will be credited in full, all damages/shortages must be notified within 48hrs of receipt any items received wi th damage to the outer box must be signed for as “damaged” and notified back to us for claim on carrier. Any return must be returned within 14 days of original invoice date along with a copy of the product returns form, any returns received after 14 days will be subject to 20% handling charge returns received after 90 days will not be credited.


Prices quoted are subject to VAT at current rate (Unless otherwise stated). Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Catalogue
data/references/pictures/drawings/part numbers are for guidance only. Auto Air Conditioning Ltd part numbers and data remains the p roperty of Auto Air Conditioning Ltd and should not be used without written authority in any circumstance other than that approved by Auto Air Conditioning Ltd.


Payments will be made by cleared funds unless an account has been opened. All credit account terms; the balance due is payable, nett within 30 days under the
“compensation under the late payment of commercial debts regulations 2002”, any amount still owing after this period will att ract an additional compensation charge plus daily interest at 8% above the base rate, delayed payments to Auto Air Conditioning Ltd will invalidate any warranties of which these will be dealt with upon total payment of account. We reserve the right to cancel any account facilities with out prior notice should payment terms not be adhered to. All goods remain the property of Auto Air Conditioning Ltd until paid in full, we reserve the right to collect monies for goods sold/fitted (that no longer exist wi th the buyer) by means of debt collection agent/suitable agent of our choice if it is necessary to pass collection of any debts to our recovery company then you will be responsible for their charges. Labour claims (where applicable) will only be paid up to a maximum of 2 hours at a rate of 20.00 per hour, recharging systems will be paid to a maximum of £15.00. To qualify for any such claims you must have completed the returns forms correctly and followed all fitting instructions correctly No conseq uential claims will be paid. Condenser claims will only be honoured up-to 12 months, from 12-18 months limited warranty applies to part replacement only in each case only subject to warranty if the receiver drier is changed, these conditions only apply to the purchaser and not third parties.


Deliveries are made in accordance to our carrier company and no loss of earnings/vehicle rental/lease/travel expenses/labour will be liable to the carrier company/Auto Air Conditioning Ltd for failed/late/delayed/misrouted delivery of items/goods. Carriage will be charged at current rate depending on time of delivery required, prices will be quoted at point of sale by Auto Air and will remain payable in full even if the part supplied is returned.

Not warranted;

  1. Consequential loss/damage or vehicle recovery of any kind.
  2. Damage caused by poor fitment /incorrect fitment /removal/misidentified product or any other work carried out thereof.
  3. Vehicle rental/leasing due to incapacitated vehicle
  4. Failed items that cannot be supplied by ourselves, in which we would credit for the original value providing item is warranted after our inspection.
  5. Reasonable wear and tear
  6. Items Failed on Vehicles that have exceeding 12,000 miles from fitment date to replacement date.
  7. Condensers / compressors / Evaporators that have leaked through corrosion that did not have a new receiver drier/accumulator installed at time of fitment
  8. Items that have excess levels of acid present
  9. Labour claims on condensers that are between 12-18months
  10. Labour claims on items that have not had a receiver drier/accumulator fitted