Hose Repair

Air Conditioning Hose Repair Kits

In the varying Climate conditions, it is not safe driving down the A motorway in a car with no air conditioning. Is there a Hose leaking Refrigerant from your A/C system?

Auto Air’s air conditioning hose repair kits would take the confusion out of this task so that you can properly and securely repair your Aircon. While using our Hvac air conditioning tools you can do the work perfectly.

Auto Air has the equipment and facilities for many hose repairs necessary to repair your AC system. We have hose adapters and locking equipment for linking new lines, detached tube plug stoppers and flexible hose pipes. At Auto Air, we as a pioneer in vehicle air-conditioning industry in Ireland give only products that have been tested in the area in which they are required.

Next time your AC system needs repair, make Auto Air your one-stop shop for tools and hose repair equipment.

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