12.036 Hydrogen electronic leak detector

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Hydrogen Electronic leak detector

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Applications : it detects the hydrogen gas

Operative Temperature: 0c-40c


Warm-up time: 45s

Battery life: around 7 hours

Are you looking for Hydrogen electronic leak detector for sale? Buy one form Auto Air!

In evaluating the leak site in automotive refrigeration systems, Auto Air’s Hydrogen/Nitrogen electronic leak detector Kit which is part of ELKE A/C and HVAC consumables and Tools catalogue uses a hydrogen5% Nitrogen95% blend, allowing high sensitivity monitoring for an environmentally safe gas. This leak detector has the highest efficiency and improved process protection in different market sectors, especially in the Vehicle air conditioning industry.

Our Leak detection kit allows you to Leak test both R134A and 1234YF A/C refrigerant systems. We also have a new CO2 electronic sniffer for the newest systems which have been installed in some Mercedes, VW, Audi and now entering the Agri sector through the Class Tucano Combine. Components have close tolerances in these settings, and the avoidance of extraneous gas leakage is important to the effective system performance and for the Trade to adhere to the EPA F-Gas regulations of not charging a A/C system that is known to be leaking!!!.

A hydrogen leak detector may be a helpful tool to ensure that newly designed products work as they should. It’s quick to use in small spaces as a portable unit. It has a large spectrum of sensitivities, so you will be able to identify leaks and problem areas. This is one of the best hydrogen leak detectors on the market today Part number 13.210.