Purifier – Kills Germs, Removes Bad Odours

Kills germs, removes bad odours

The Purifier harnesses the natural power of ozone to destroy

•Viruses, Bacteria, Fungal spores and Micro-organisms

•Odours of all kinds

•Tobacco smoke

•Pollens and other allergens It purifies the air, kills germs on hard trim surfaces and upholstery, and in the hidden air channels where unpleasant odours and contaminants often accumulate. Crucial for vehicle fleets with multiple drivers.



Protect yourself, loved ones and passengers
The Purifier harnesses the natural odour and germ-killing power of ozone (O3) to destroy:

• Viruses, Bacteria, Fungal spores and Micro-organisms
• Odours of all kinds
• Tobacco smoke
• Pollens and other allergens

The treatment permeates the upholstery, linings, trim and carpets and passes through your vehicle’s air circulation system to give you a fresher, healthier, more comfortable environment.

Have your vehicle treated with the Airco Shield Purifier to eliminate these contaminants, restoring the pleasant and healthy environment you need, whether travelling for leisure, work or emergency services.

Purifier can treat cars, taxis, caravans, truck, tractor and boat cabins, PSVs and small rooms to minimise the spread of germs. The Purifier uses no chemicals to sanitise your environment – just the power of ozone. It takes just 30 to 40 minutes to treat a typical car or truck cabin.