Twin Pro R134a &HFO1234yf

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    The ECK Twin benefits from two completely separate systems within the air con machine which eliminates cross contamination between the two refrigerant circuits (R134a and 1234YF).

Automatic features:

      • Recovery
      • Automatic leak test during the vacuum phase
      • Waste Oil discharge
      • Vacuum
      • UV Dye injection
      • Oil injection
      • Gas charging

Standard features:

      • Automatic leak test during the vacuum phase
      • Automatic on-board bottle filling
      • Automatic discharge of non-condensable gases from the bottle
      • Acoustic and visual service alarm alerts user to maintenance filter replacement issues.
      • Build in USB port for software updates
      • Refrigerant management system creates customised archive of all refrigerant transactions
      • Operator code protects against unauthorised use of the station
      • Integrated vehicle database
      • Hermetically sealed new-oil cartridge
      • Automatic tracer with collapsible cartridges
      • Hybrid compatible

Technical information:

      • Type of refrigerant: R134a and R1234y
      • Service procedure: Fully automatic or manual
      • Voltage: 220-240v – 50/60Hz
      • Scale resolution: 10g
      • Oil scale resolution: 5g
      • Working temperature range: 11/49 degrees C
      • Filter system: 2 filters for humidity (700gr molecular sieves each)
      • Vacuum pump: 100 liter/min capacity, 0.2mbar vacuum level
      • Sealed compressor: 2x12cc high-pressure
      • Recovery speed: 300g/min in liquid phase
      • Refrigerant bottle: 2 x 12 litres, refillable
      • Hoses / connectors: 2 sets (includes hoses and connectors) x 3 metres
      • Overall size: 67cm x 62cm x 107cm
      • Weight: 110kg
      • Thermal printer: Standard equipment
      • Pressure gauges: Class 1
      • Display: Colour-graphic touch-screen
      • Bottle temperature sensor: Integrated
      • Bottle heater: Automatic